Dome Lights

The Rooflight Company designs and supplies PET-G* (polycarbonate) dome lights, pyramids and access hatches which are rugged in construction and easy to install. Polycarbonate domelights offer high impact resistance and are ideal for flat roofs.

Our domelights, both standard and low profile, offer protection against weather elements without sacrificing lighting. Available in single, double or triple skin polycarbonate they are ideal for keeping in warmth and keeping out noise. The various glazing choices available with our domelights include clear, diffused and bronze tinted. Standard and non-standard sizes are available, as are pyramid circular and dome options.

Specialised dome lights are available with a variety of manual or motorised access options including ladders and automatic smoke detection. We can also fit security mechanisms to the domelights consisting of a nut and bolt or timber fixing system.

Our domelights can be fitted to our PVC vented or unvented adaptors, to prevent condensation, as well as upstands or kerbs. Domes are usually specified in single skin, to minimise costs, but we can also provide double or triple skin with good U values where required.

For larger covered areas, such as in schools or shopping centres,we offer the Thermoformed Barrel Vault.  This is a unique polycarbonate rooflight in widths up to 2.4 metres, manufactured in interlocking 1 metre sections for easy site assembly (see photos below). Please Contact Us for more details.

Please click to read our Polycarbonate DomeLight Brochure  for more information on our new Trade Range Domelights or contact  us now for a competitive quotation on (01) 4055399 or email

Polycarbonate Domelight with Insulated UPVC Kerb   Circular Polycarbonate Dome Light


Polycarbonate Domelight and Kerb Cross Section  Polycarbonate Access hatch

Domelights on flat roof in Phoenix Park          Domelight St Marys Hospital Dublin


Thermoformed Polycarbonate Barrel Vault Rooflight Thermoformed Polycarbonate Barrel Vault Rooflight

*PET-G is a superior replacement for polycarbonate in dome light applications offering:

  • High impact resistance
  • Excellent transparency
  • Environmentally friendly but good chemical resistance
  • Flame retardant (Fire rating: BS476 Part 7: Class 1)